How To Stop Being a Newbie

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Newbies get suckered.

Newbies get confused.

Newbies get lousy results.


Professionals get PAID.

Which category would you rather be in at this moment?

The “secret” to no longer being suckered, confused and getting lousy results is simple…it’s that you need to no longer be a newbie!

This could take you years to accomplish on your own.

Or you could get the key information you need—and that took me those hard-fought years to figure out—in just a few minutes.

See, the trick to no longer be a newbie at online marketing, or any subject, is—

Well let me first tell you what it’s NOT.

The way to being a Professional and getting PAID is not to be:

– chasing other people around who are probably newbies too, begging them to tell you “what’s working”

– searching desperately for “what’s hot” and focusing on the technical solution of the moment

– begging from the universe and trying to make “as much money as possible” (how’s that one working for you?)

– believing hype and thinking “if only I had the right product at the right time” you’d hit it big

– dreaming about huge paydays but doing less than an hour of actual work even though you spend hours and hours at the computer.

All these results from you being focused on the wrong things.

And that’s what makes a newbie a newbie!

I have seen, and you may have as well, people who have remained newbies for over a decade. The years go by, and they don’t seem to learn anything.

But you don’t have to be like them.

If you become focused on the right things, look at what changes. You know that:

– what other people are doing doesn’t matter, because you know nearly all of them are “off track”

– understanding and applying solid business fundamentals, rather than hyped tech junk, is the real solution

– setting a money target with a real plan of action to get it is how you truly make money

– hype is irrelevant and who you are is far more important than what you offer

– a few specific actions are responsible for nearly all of your results, so you accomplish much more in far less time.

So what are the right things to be focused on?

That’s what makes you no longer a newbie…knowing those few important things.

Just SEVEN steps are necessary for your success.

And for just $4, you can know what they are.

Why that low a price, and why a price at all?

I could easily charge a lot more for this information, wouldn’t you agree. But then it would be out of reach of many people, and that’s not what I’m about. I want to help as many people as possible.

The problem is that when something’s given for free, nobody values it.

So I have to make you invest something…even if it is a paltry four bucks. That way you might actually read and listen to what I have to share with you.

This way it remains accessible to everyone, and it costs you a little, so you’ll pay attention to it.

If you don’t get this information right now, you risk remaining a cash-poor newbie for years and years to come.

Grab this life-changing pdf and 21-minute audio here:

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